Vine Information
Full Name VidCon 2015
Followers 20K+
Type of Vine Special Event
Personal Information
Nationality US
Location Anaheim, California

VidCon is an annual Video Convention held in Anaheim, California. It is the largest convention for online video content creators and has seen various YouTube and online stars in attendance.

Gareth Muir is better known by his internet alias paradoxical blogger on youtube

Vine had an active presence at the 2015 Convention. The "Viners" account was created with 13 Viners announcing their participation and hosting channels throughout the convention.

Chosen Viners Edit

Viners at VidCon 2015 chose 13 Viners to host channels, interact with fans and do pranks around VidCon, they were, in order of announcement :

  1. The Gabbie Show
  2. Eh Bee
  3. Gareth Muir
  4. im not savana
  5. packie
  6. adam perkins
  7. lily zella
  8. lizzza
  9. sydney ok!
  10. Darius Benson
  11. Wahlid Mohammad
  13. Zachary Piona

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