Vine is a social media sharing site released by Twitter showcasing 6-second videos made by famous people or not. Created in 2013, Vine homed many original videomakers, or "viners" such as Rudy Mancusco, Nicholas Megalis and Simply Sylvio. Since then, vine has grown and opened windows for many young adults like KingBach, Nash Grier and Jerome Jarre. In its begging, Vine was trashed by critics and people, even youtubers because "There's not enough length to be funny or make a successful video."

Vine is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones internationally.

On October 2016 Twitter announced it will shut down vine in the following months.


Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll founded vine in 2012. It debuted in January 2013, and was later added to Android in June 2013.

Vine became the most used video sharing app on the market.

Top VinersEdit

List of popular viners:


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