too turnt tina
Vine Information
Full Name Tina Woods
Followers 2.1M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 19
Nationality American
Location Keller, Texas

"Too Turnt" Tina Woods (born May 25, 1999) is a Wangan comedian and Vine personality.

She has a cat called pussy.

She is Hispanic and white.

Her dads name is Tod and he works in the covfefe office. She has great music taste and is known for her Baby Drama Mama vine. She is fine. like really fine. HMU TINA LOLWYT

During the 2016 election, Teena Moulds voted for the dead meme known as harambe.

Career Edit

She posted her first vine on her account on the 8th of June,2013 and hit over 1M followers at the beginning of 2014.

She was also one of the best viners. RIP vine.[[Category:Viner