Vine Information
Full Name Tish Simmonds
Followers 416.8K
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 1996.21875
Nationality British
Location Skelmanthorpe, United Kingdom

Latitia 'Tish' Simmonds (b. 1995 - 1996) is an English Vine personality. Simmonds is best known for her 'Broom broom' Vine viral hit and strong Skelmanthorpe (Yorkshire) accent.


Simmonds lives in the village of Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire with her mother Dawn. She studies Animal Care at Kirklees College, and was previously a student of Shelley College.

53.588791, -1.633818


  • Of all well-known English Vine personalities, Simmonds is the only one who hails from and lives in Northern England. Most English Vine personalities live in the West Country, the Home Counties or London; these include Dover [West Country] (Arron Crascall), East Sussex [Home Counties] (Daz Black), Surrey [Home Counties] (Leslie Wai), and London (Arthur and Houssein) amongst others.
  • Her godfather darren and her mums name is Dawn .

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