Reggie Cousar, otherwise known as his stagename Optic BLAST!!!!111 Weed Hitler Trump(born July 1, 1969) is a singer and gayby HTC vive user.

He established his fanbase initially through vine, and crossed over into liveleak as well. With his favorable and fan favorite bits such as "Mr. Johnson's Concert Choir", and much more.

Recurring Characters Edit

Mr. Gago Pendejo: Mr. Gago Pendejo directs the Hip-Hop Choir with iconigtydurx Edit

Step-Father: is a giant Edit

Reggie COUZ
Vine Information
Full Name Reggie
Followers 3.8M
Type of Vine Comedy / Singing
Personal Information
Age 24
Nationality American
Location Los Angeles and New Jersey
Father: The father is seen wearing a hat and a mustache. He is known for "whooping Reggie's ass" when he doesn't do what he is asked.

Daniel "Dirty Mercy PUT YOUR HANDS UP!": Dirty Mercy is a Yale graduate who was forced by his mother to go into counseling for deciding to become a rapper. Edit

Angry Joe's Younger Sibling: Reggie is known for annoying his little sibling when he knows that he's mad. The younger sibling usually responds with rage and a scream, followed by a less serious response from Reggie. This character is somewhat ironic, seeing that Reggie was an only child growing up.

Quotes Edit

"Shut yo ass up!."

"Sit your ass down."

"Can a nigga borrow a fry?"

"Ok... Mad? *tongue click* Or nah?"- Reggie

"Oh, hell no!"- Reggie

“Fuck yo mama”


“I swear she said she was 18”

Trivia Edit

  • Reggie Couz is 6 foot 4 inches tall
  • Reggie Couz is a beats producer
  • Reggie Couz pullout game is weak
  • Reggie Couz likes to shoot up herion
  • Reggie Couz likes Spoderman
  • Reggie Couz collaborated with DeStorm Power and KingBach on Vine
  • Reggie Couz also collaborated with Marcus Johns on Youtube called (Bad Times to Have Friends Over) on April 4, 2015