Mr. BendyEdit

Mr. Bendy is an unnamed person wearing a Bendy mask. He is very mysterious, since he doesn't talk at all.

Mr. Bendy's channel picture

He has done quite a few vines and one thing we know is that he has a brother, named Mr. L. A few times Mr. Bendy's mask unattatches, causing him to hold the mask, and gesture the camera man to stop the camera or look away. He also has a connection with Bendy from Bendy and the ink machine.


== Trivia

  • On one of the vines, there was a crossover with Toy review boy from Babaluc toy reviews.
  • Mr. L is also known as Toy review boy ||, and Happy Face from the Happy Family channel.
  • Mr. Bendy also has worked with a Bendy pushie, and a Boris plushie.
  • Toy review boy looks a lot like Mr. Bendy but has confirmed that by stating that he was not.