Meghan McCarthy
"I'm older than I sound" -Meghan McCarthy
Vine Information
Full Name Meghan McCarthy
Followers 3.2M+
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 25
Nationality American
Location USA
Meghan McCarthy (born November 22, 1991) is an American comedian, actor and Vine personality.

Personal Life Edit

McCarthy was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and attended Auburn University in 2010, eventually graduating with a degree in theater.

Career Edit

McCarthy is known on Vine for her squeaky and very high pitched regular voice. When asked numerous times about her voice, McCarthy has repeatedly stated that the high pitched voice is her normal, regular voice.

McCarthy has done various advertisements for companies such as Coca-Cola and Honda, according to her Facebook page.

McCarthy has collaborated on her Vines with various childrens voice actors, including the voice of Nickelodeon's Jimmy Neutron, Debi Derryberry.


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