Cody Ko
t i c k l e s m e p i n k
Vine Information
Full Name Cody Ko
Followers 1.1M
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 70
Nationality Canadian
Location Venice

Cody Ko (born November 22, 1990) is a Canadian Vine personality. He is now living in Venice and is loving it.

Personal Life Edit

Cody Kolodziejzyk (aka Cody Ko) grew up in Calgary, Alberta but attended college at Duke or something. He used to be n't, but now he's n't not.


Chody Ko also has a very-semi-successful YouTube channel now that Vine is dead, along with Cody's will to live. Cody makes videos about life of a middle-aged Venice hipster and occasionally writes and performs songs such as "Keep Ya Dick Fat". He has a podcast where he talks 99% about the weather and 1% about Taco Tuesday.

Personal Life

Cody has no friends and misses his tickle bee. Cody considers Tai Lopez both his mentor and inspiration, and credits his "success" to him.

Fun facts

Cody has tenacious buns.

Cody nearly lost his leg in the Vietnam War.

Cody spent all of high school in a speedo.

Cody's 300 flippin subs on Youtube are called "Chodesters" or "Chody Kos".

Cody spent his young years thinking about apps.

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