Christine Sydelko
Vine Information
Full Name Christine Sydelko
Followers 302K+
Type of Vine Comedy
Personal Information
Age 23
Nationality American
Location Los Angeles

Christine Sydelko (born March 27, 1994) is an American comedian.

Personal Life Edit

Sydelko is an Iranian-American and used to live in Chicago until obtaining her Bachelors degree where she was studying Political Science, Digital Media and Cinema. She then moved to L.A to pursue her comedy dream. She is engaged to Elijah Daniel as a joke. Elijah Daniel is actually gay but jokes about himself being straight.

Career Edit

Known as "potatowithane" for years on Vine, Sydelko gained followers after one of her first videos entitled "Bible Studies" went viral on Vine. Following her sudden rise to fame, Sydelko used her recent fame to attack members of MAGCON for behavior, talk about social issues such as feminism and equality. Sydelko was hacked with all her videos and social accounts compromised for weeks until she made another account, now called "not christine sydelko".

In August 2015, Sydelko changed the name of her account into her own name and put up a business email and started collaborating with other Viners, most notably Chris Melberger and Shan Dude.

Controversy Edit

Sydelko stirred controversy in one of her Vines by stating that "men can't be discriminated against" and that racism doesn't apply to white people, which was met with backlash.