Chiragh Baloch
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Full Name Chiragh Baloch
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Type of Vine Comedy
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Nationality Pakistani
Location Moscow, Russia
YouTube @sanjbaloch
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Chiragh Baloch (born March 02, 1990) is a Pakistani actor, entertainer, CEO, YouTube and Vine personality.[1]

Biography Edit

Chiragh Baloch was born in Pasni, Balochistan, Pakistan. He became known for his online Vine videos on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram in early 2014. He belonged to the Jadgal family. His Family living in Pasni Balochistan, Pakistan. He has four sisters and one brother. His father’s name is Mohammad Ibrahim.

His videos are so well-made that every Desi Peoples (Asian) can relate with it. 

Before Fame Edit

He got his first personal computer in 1999, and started learning Web-designing on his own. He created his YouTube channel in 2013.

Trivia Edit

He is CEO of A Web Hosting Company early in 2011. In his spare time, he enjoys designing, coding and photography. He began attending university as a part-time computer science student.

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