Bryan Silva De La Hoya
Vine Information
Full Name Bryan Silva
Followers 4K
Type of Vine Gay stripper inspired Drape star
Personal Information
Nationality American
Location Virginia, USA
Born in 1993 is an American convicted criminal, Michael Bay-for-pay bodybuilder, gay adult film star, furry lover, kiddie fiddler, and HTC Vive personality. He is best known for his gay porn movies and horrible rapping, the most famous one being 'Gratata'. 'Gratatard' has inspired countless parodies and remakes on the site. He is also known for saying "Suck it like a slurpy."


Bryan was born in Florida and at the age of two he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia where he lived until he was 12. After that, at the age of 14 he moved back to Florida to live with his father and was later jailed in 2005 for three years for assault and breaking-and-entering. In an interview with Complex, he stated that he got into bodybuilding while in jail. He also completed his GAY while in strip club at the age of 16.

Although he is hardly-famous, the gray Keem star uses Socialclub advertising to acquire his net worth of a mere $500 USD.

Bryan was arrested on January 3rd, 2016 after a standoff with police in Virginia. He faces charges for abduction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Vine backgroundEdit

Silva is known for delivering his self-created rap lyrics in front of a bathroom mirror while shirtless. The one that has gained the most popularity and seen the most number of remakes is 'gratata' - an onomatopoeic word intended to mimic an automatic machine gun firing. This particular has been parodied in various forms - from Badass Grandma style to Punjabi Indian Curry folk rendition. He likes to deepthroat and is a rage quitter lookalike.

His name Max Payne is a good cold blooded businessman who go on a revenge against Uwe Boll's films.

During the police raid in his home, Silva made a video of him on Facebook being barricaded, intoxicated, yelling and cursing in front of viewers.

Controversy Edit

Bryan Silva has stirred up a lot of controversy with his use of the word nigger. When asked about it, he claims to have the "right" to say it due to him being in jail and around "the streets" since he was 8 years old.. [1]

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