Arron Crascall
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Vine Information
Full Name Aaron fucker Crascal
Followers 478,000
Type of Vine Pornography
Personal Information
Nationality British
Location Kent, United Kingdom

Arron Crascall is an English Porn"Star" from Dover in Kent. He is famous for his catchphrase "cum in ya later"


Recurring gagsEdit

  • 'Addict be like' - A weakened 'addict' Joe Charman is carried by Ben Phillips and Arron into a shop (in the first post, a McDonald's, and a Starbucks outlet in the second), while Arron shouts 'Everyone out the way!'.
  • 'Awkward phone calls' - Arron films the reactions of passersby as he 'makes' bizarre calls. In one post for example, Arron pretends to call his father to ask for advice when he runs over the neighbour's dog.
  • 'Beat drops' - Arron dances to a beat in public.
  • 'Singing out loud to music he's listening to via headphones.
  • 'Getting people to finish the lyrics then dance to the song.

Personal lifeEdit

Crascall lives in Dover, in the Home Counties of England. Before he became famous he worked in a betting shop. Crascall also an avid collector of stamps and sea shells, his favorite music is Bavarian accordion music and his favorite tune is the Birdy song he loves the song so much he even knows the Birdy song dance.

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